Time For Your Cat To Have Surgery? How To Aid In The Recovery Process

If your cat is scheduled for surgery, now's the time to prepare for the recovery period. Once your cat leaves the veterinarian's office, you'll be responsible for post-operative recovery care. Luckily, there are steps you can take to ensure a safe recovery period for your cat. Here are five of those steps for you to follow.  Follow Veterinary Instructions If your cat needs to have surgery, the veterinarian will provide you with post-operative instructions. [Read More]

Dog Grooming: Essential Tips

Dog grooming should be an essential part of caring for your pet. Grooming will keep them looking and feeling their best and help reduce their risk of health problems such as skin infections and dental issues. Below are five tips on how to groom your dog. Brush Brush your dog's hair regularly to prevent mats and tangles. Tangled hair not only looks messy but can also attract dirt and parasites. If you brush your dog's hair every day, it will also help spread the natural oils around their coat, which keeps them looking healthy and shiny. [Read More]

Critical Tips For Potty Training A Puppy

Just like humans, dogs acquire new experiences that shape their behaviours in life. As a pet owner, you should set boundaries and rules from the get-go on how you want your puppy to behave. One specific area is potty-training your puppy to not soil the house and leave behind a stinky mess. However, most pet owners get frustrated when puppies don't follow the training routine. Here are some key tips for potty training a puppy. [Read More]

Dog Care: Do You Know The Signs Of Toe Cancer?

Being responsible for a dog is no easy task, despite having a dog being very rewarding. You'll be aware of lots of ailments your dog is susceptible to, but conditions that affect their feet are often overlooked. Toe cancer is a relatively common tumour-forming cancer in dogs, and it's important to be aware of the signs of toe cancer, as it can spread quickly to other parts of your dog's body. [Read More]