Dog Care: Do You Know The Signs Of Toe Cancer?

Being responsible for a dog is no easy task, despite having a dog being very rewarding. You'll be aware of lots of ailments your dog is susceptible to, but conditions that affect their feet are often overlooked. Toe cancer is a relatively common tumour-forming cancer in dogs, and it's important to be aware of the signs of toe cancer, as it can spread quickly to other parts of your dog's body. [Read More]

Is Ringworm Causing Your Cat's Unexplained Hair Loss?

Watching your beloved cat slowly lose chunks of hair can be disturbing, to say the least. You probably want to figure out why their cat is losing hair. However, one of the most common causes of hair loss in cats is also one of the most overlooked: ringworm. What Is Ringworm and How Does It Cause Feline Hair Loss? Ringworm has a somewhat deceptive name, and does not involve any kind of parasitic worm (unlike heartworm, another common health problem in cats). [Read More]