Three Signs That Your Male Dog Is Ready For Desexing

Unless you plan to breed and use your dog as a stud, then it is important to get him desexed at the right time. There are social and medical benefits to desexing a dog, but as a first-time dog owner, you are not 100% sure when the right time is to make the appointment with the vet to have this process done. Here are three signs that your male dog is ready to be desexed soon, rather than later. [Read More]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Vaccinate Your Pet Regularly

In the medical field, vaccines have been the most crucial invention when it comes to disease prevention and management. As a pet owner, you should definitely consider vaccinating your pet regularly according to the schedule given by your veterinary physician. Just like human vaccines, pet vaccines do prevent diseases, some of which may be life-threatening. Vaccines play a vital role in the overall health of your pet. Here are more reasons why you should vaccinate your pet accordingly. [Read More]

Paws for Thought: Should You Visit the Vet?

For many Australian families, having a pet is just like having a human baby. You want them to thrive and be healthy — but just like a very young child, it's impossible to adequately communicate with your pet about how they're feeling. This can make it difficult to detect the difference between unusual body language, individual quirks, attention-seeking behaviour and genuine medical problems. Here's a quick guide to a couple of common symptoms you may be uncertain about. [Read More]

Transporting a Pet Bird: A Guide

If you have a pet bird and you are planning to move house, you may be wondering about the steps you can take to reduce the level of stress experienced by the animal. By planning ahead, you can ensure that your house move doesn't distress your pet bird. Make sure the bird is healthy Before you transport your pet bird, you should take your pet bird to the veterinary clinic so they can have a check-up and you can be certain they are fighting fit and ready to move. [Read More]