Transporting a Pet Bird: A Guide

If you have a pet bird and you are planning to move house, you may be wondering about the steps you can take to reduce the level of stress experienced by the animal. By planning ahead, you can ensure that your house move doesn't distress your pet bird.

Make sure the bird is healthy

Before you transport your pet bird, you should take your pet bird to the veterinary clinic so they can have a check-up and you can be certain they are fighting fit and ready to move. If your pet bird has an underlying medical condition, the stress of the move could result in serious harm, so you should always have your bird checked out by a vet.

Keep the bird cage covered when you are transporting it

When you are transporting your bird, it is best to place it on the back seat of your car. Have a family member sit next to the cage so they can talk to and reassure the bird during the trip to your new home. You should also place a cloth over the bird cage. If you pet bird can see that it is in a strange environment or is exposed to the sight of passing traffic, it may become extremely stressed. Covering the cage will help to keep your pet bird calm. If you would like further advice about how to keep the animal calm, you should speak with your vet.

Practice moving your bird

You can help to reduce the amount of distress your pet experiences by carrying out a practice run. In the days and weeks leading up to your move day, you should take the bird cage out of your house and place it in the car. It is likely that the bird will be quite upset at first. However, after you have performed this action a number of times, the bird will grow used to the internal environment inside the car and will calm down. You should then take the bird on short trips, so it can acclimatise itself to the sensation of being in a moving vehicle.

Book a professional removals company

Although you may be tempted to carry the packing and removal of your belongings yourself, you should keep in mind that this is likely to generate a lot of noise and commotion, which will upset your pet bird. A professional team of removalist will be able to efficiently pack and remove items from your home without causing too much disruption. You should also arrange for the removals team to travel on ahead of you to your new home. Doing so will allow them to arrange your belongings in your new home before you arrive with your pet bird. Having familiar objects around will help your pet bird to settle into its new home.

If you have any concerns about your pet bird before of after the move, you should contact a vet clinic today.